Representing Americans of Italian descent residing in:
California • Nevada • Southern Oregon

Message From The President

State President John Costa

Where is summer going, June is behind us followed quickly by July now it’s already the dog days of August. I would like to first thank all of the delegates for their input and attention during our recent completed convention. I feel everything went well, the delegates have spoken and have task the Grand Council in a major task. This task could change the landscape of the Grand Lodge of California greatly.

As we reflect on the Convention it was nice to showcase our youth, from the Spark Sisters’ performance at the theme night, The Great Gatsby, to the Lavazzari sisters performing an amazing dance routine, then our royal pageant where we crowned our new queen Brianna and her court. Then Saturday we saw some amazing students receive there scholarships. What a pleasure to see our future. I think we are in good hands.

I also need to thank our Co-Convention Coordinators, Lynn Murphy and Lori Rossi. You would be amazed of all the work that goes into putting on a convention, also thank you to our office staff Arlene and Kyarra for all your help prior to convention and Kyarra for keeping the convention office going during convention.


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2018 Grand Convention

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