Message From the President

Spring is upon us, March has been a pretty wet month, hopefully this continues into April, as April showers bring May flowers.

I am writing this after March Grand Council is complete in Sacramento. Thank you to the members who came and watched the Grand Council at work. Remember we are here to work for you. I appreciate each member that was there! I will touch on the highlights later in my article.

On an exciting note, last year at convention I mentioned that the bill was in the US Senate to name the new post office in Vallejo the Janet Cappello post office, I was told that the bill has been passed and is waiting for the president of the United States to sign. Once this is signed I will send a notice out to all the Lodge Presidents. I am sure the Vallejo Lodges will have a celebration once this is official, be on the lookout for more info. A well-deserved honor, for a true “Daughter of ITALY!” I know she would be looking down on us in her hat smiling. I hope we are making you proud Janet.

National is having a “Calendar Fund Raiser” They are selling $20.00 chances at winning prize money for the month of October. Each Grand Lodge officer has calendars and we can get more from National. Let’s help support National. On a side note when we were in Atlanta in February for the winter plenary, we brought our “365” raffle tickets with us and sold 29 tickets. Thank you Lynn, Maria and Arlene. If you don’t want all of our money going to other states I suggest each lodge buy a couple of tickets.

Regarding National, their finances are looking good; they had a legacy donation left to them in the amount of $300,000 and another of $17,000. These were unrestricted funds and with part of the money they were able to pay down the mortgage on the National Office to be able to pay off a lot sooner. The rest will be invested.

One other item at National. Thanks has been established is a OSIA store www., find the link on the National website, by the way the National website is up and running, there is a lot of information and a members only section, you can access. Be sure to check out the CSJ section for some great articles on Columbus. As you know we are fighting the name change, statue removal throughout the United States, I just heard it is now being talked about in California at the State level. More info will be coming.

As I mentioned above March Grand Council is complete. Thank you to all the officers for your attentive ears and cooperation over the weekend. It does make my job a lot easier.

The trustees met and found the books in order. Any questions they had were answered by the Gabe (financial Secretary), Al (treasurer) , Lori (bookkeeper and WSRS) and Arlene (office manager). They did try and stump us but I think they are happy the way things are going. One cost saving item on a personal matter I have discontinued the separate state president cell phone and I am using my personal one. Please use 707- 483-9604 and please do not write on the bathroom wall, you know who I am talking too!

All officers gave their reports and any and all questions were answered. Gabe, our Financial Secretary, showed we are on the right track with our spending and receipts and that showed when we reviewed the budget. It is nice to see us in the black instead of the red.

The Western Foundation part of the meeting was run by foundation Trustee Mark Rossi, as Roy, our CAO decided to take a trip south of the border. Thank you, Mark Rossi, for stepping in and doing a great job. We are currently looking for another trustee for the Western Foundation board, from the southern district; one thing we ask our trustee from the board to do is to find fundraising ideas for the Foundation. If interested please contact myself or Roy or the grand lodge office for info.

John Bianco gave his report on the Future of the Building Committee” This is a fact finding committee to report the facts to the Grand Council and at convention items we have been discussing, such as the tax ramification if we were to sell the building, another item is the liability that we have regarding the ADA. The Grand Council established a budget for the committee to get these items done. One thing I want to mention regarding the building, because I have been approached by a couple of members, is, if we sell the building does the money split among the lodges or stay with the Grand Lodge. The answer is it stays with the Grand Lodge. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.

5051 Mission our Hall rental company has been doing a great job in renting our building and parking lot. With some improvements in the lighting in the Hall of Mirrors she feels we will be an even more attractive venue. Thank you Barbara, for your hard work in showing and renting our Grand Lodge building.

Baseball season is beginning and all the local teams are having their heritage games. The only dates I have so far are in the northern district, San Francisco Giants August 24th, Oakland A’s August 4th from my home town of Vallejo, the Vallejo Admirals an independent league (that won the 2017 championship) will be having theirs on June 20th. Last year they had instead of the first pitch being thrown out they had the first bocce ball rolled out. Let’s try and support all of our teams throughout California.

Our convention in Ontario is taking shape, more info is coming shortly, also the Gala will be held in Santa Ana this September. More info on this also.

I want to close with this; “you know when you buy a bag of salad and it starts getting brown and has gross water in it…… Doughnuts never do that!! So enjoy a donut and sign up a new member. My phone is on, any questions please call!!

Yours fraternally,